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thoughts on teaching in the mississippi delta

Spinning Spoon, the greatest little town in the Delta, is about to be hit by a storm of crazy yankee women!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Reality sets in and anxiety level rises

So, I know I spent a lot of time talking about how fabulous my administration is but I don't think I was totally right on all of that. I think my assessment of my superintendant, that she is awesome but crazy, remains fairly accurate. However, I am rapidly losing respect for my principal and assistant principal. In private the principal is still cool but in a group he turns into a blustering, self-important, power hungry idiot. Both he and the assistant principal have adopted the practice of treating their teachers like small children while telling how we need to have high expectations for our students.

I got my schedule today, finally. It was perfect (Bio I 1,2,4,5, Bio II 6,7) until I did something stupid and volunteered to teach a subject that will be a stretch for me and give me 3 preps. They gave me my excellent schedule and then I asked for "Mike's" because I'm such an incredibly nice person. As soon as I heard her's I knew we had a problem; I say we because clearly I was not thinking. They had given "Mike" four preps, one of which was physics, which she can't teach, but I can with some extra effort. Instead of letting her tell the administration she couldn't do it and letting them flounder, I went with her and proposed that we switch one of my Bio II classes for her physics class. After they approved that (it took about five seconds) I found out it only has seven students but it's also a distance learning class which really freaks me out. Has anyone done that and want to clue me in? I'm really scared that I won't be able to develop the kind of relationship that I want with my students because of the camera in my face. Since they're seniors and I'm also a senior sponsor I was hoping to do some cool stuff with them and I don't know how that's gonna go.

So now my schedule is
1st: Biology I
2nd: Biology I
3rd: Planning (maybe I'll get to miss out on some of the lunch chaos!)
4th: Biology I
5th: Biology I
6th: Physics (on TV)
7th: Biology II

Anyway, this weekend should be pretty insane. Who taught physics last year? I could use all the help I can get since it is something I like but that I'm definitely not as strong in as biology.


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